How to create the life of your dreams with Digital Marketing




It comes to my mind when the most important goal of marketing campaigns was to be remembered by the audience, trying to make creative logos, popular jingles, or publishing an advertisement in a magazine. This power to influence the customer and make them take a buy decision was what inspired me to study marketing a few years ago. By the time the use of the internet to me was only about searching information, sending and receiving e-mails, chatting with friends, or to download the song of the moment.  All of that was changing day by day with the evolution of social media, suddenly we were immersed in a revolutionary digital world.


After I finished my studies, I started to work in the Tourism Board of my State, designing marketing campaigns in order to bring more tourists to my country, it was when I realized about the importance of digital marketing, how we could target people, and lead our efforts to attract new customers. Those years working in the government were really enriching, but a part of me was looking for a big change, it was when I heard about the Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program at Udacity. I got informed about their program and their vision, that made me understand how essential is to start a career in the Digital Marketing industry, so I enrolled in and I’m very happy with that decision, it is a really dynamic and fast way to learn, in fact, I’m already starting to use all this knowledge in real projects.

Right now I’m looking forward to moving abroad, and I’m sure this expertise will help me to reach my goals, becoming an independent professional, and allowed me to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

All this sounds really romantic, doesn’t it? Of course, we need bigger motivations to change career, that’s why I give you 4 facts that show you how Digital Marketing is a smart choice to change your life.

  1. Digital Skills are in high demand

The need for professionals in the field is required in all industries, the direct communication and approach to the client trough DM is increasing every year, no matter how big the company is.

  1. You can learn by yourself

There are a lot of information and courses that you can take to keep learning about DM, some are for free, and of course, you can get a certification investing some money, believe me, it will worth it.

  1. Be your own boss

You can use your knowledge for your own company, o you can offer your services as a freelancer for one or several companies, managing your time and designing specific campaigns to achieve your clients’ goals. In the end, your effort will pay.

  1. Profitable job

Specialize in DM could give you a high economic reward, either you work as a freelancer and get paid for every account you manage or getting hired by a company, where the average salary for a content analyst is $58,882 per year, this varies depending on the job position.


(Photograph: iStockPhoto)



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